Minor Roof and Gutter Repairs & Other Services

While cleaning your gutters, we can also perform some minor roof and gutter repairs such as:

  • Tile replacement with tiles from your on-site stock

  • Tile repair with industrial-grade silicone (very effective and cost-efficient)

  • Temporary roof repairs with Wakaflex – a flexible flashing repair product with similar properties as lead flashing but without the harmful lead

  • Repair leaking gutter joints – we will clean the area around the leaking joint, burn out the old silicone and repair using industrial-grade silicone

  • Re-strap gutters that are sagging and not correctly falling towards the nearest downpipe



We also provide a re-pointing and re-bedding service for tiled roofs with ridge caps that have failing pointing or bedding.



Suppose we discover any major roofing issues that need to be addressed. In that case, we will bring these to your attention and can recommend several licenced roofing contractors who have worked with us at Sydney Gutter Clean for many years and whom we highly recommend. This list includes roof plumbers and remedial roofing/building contractors.



Do you have tree branches overhanging your roof that are at risk of causing damage etc.?

We use log pole saws to trim branches where it is safe to do so. Sometimes this is necessary just so that we can safely access your gutters to remove the built-up debris.

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