Bushfire Season Preparation - Gutter Cleaning

In preparation for bushfire seasons, The Rural Fire Service and other authorities recommend property owners prepare their homes in advance as per the below suggestions.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service recommends property owners download and complete a Home Preparation Plan before summer.

How To Prepare Your Property

  • Prepare your bushfire survival plan

  • Clean gutters, roofs and downpipes from leaves and debris

  • Mow your lawn regularly

  • Install fine steel wire mesh screen on all windows and doors

  • Cut down any overhanging and low branches up to two meters off the ground and prune shrubs

  • Point the valves on LPG cylinders away from the house so that potential flames are not directed towards your property

  • Remove excess combustible material from your property

Did You Know?

The NSW Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service both emphasise the importance of regular gutter cleaning as one of the most important tasks for getting your house ready for storms and bushfire season.

What To Do During A Bushfire

  • Keep the radio/tv/internet news feed on and pay attention

  • Close all doors, windows and entrances

  • Use wet towels to block the spaces under doors and windows

  • Fill up your bathtub and buckets in readiness to fight embers and spot fires

  • Prepare your firefighting equipment

  • Use gutter blocks and fill your roof gutters with water

  • Patrol the outside of your home, putting out any embers or spot fires

  • Use a hose to wet any timber patios, decking and verandahs

  • Bring pets inside and keep them in one room

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Gutter Cleaning?

  • Prevent fire hazards due to dry leaves accumulating in your gutters

  • Eliminate nesting environments for vermin and pests

  • Extend the lifespan of your guttering system

  • Protects your ceiling and internal structures from overflowing gutters

  • Prevents DIY gutter cleaning accidents

Bushfire Season Infographic

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