Tiled Roof Ridge Repairs - Pointing & Bedding

Have you heard about roof pointing and bedding and wonder what it is? Well, keep on reading to find out what it is and when you need to get a technician to take a look.


“Pointing” is like the grouting on your bathroom tiles - it fills in the gaps as it were. It provides a strong, watertight finish at the top ridge of your tiled roof and helps the bedding “lock” the tiles in place, ensuring that they don’t get blown off in strong winds!

For many years, the traditional material used to re-point roof tiles was four parts sand and one part cement. However, this basic sand cement mixture does not flex along with your roof as it expands and contracts with the heat and the cold. It also requires regular maintenance as it would tend to crack and crumble over time, compromising the strength and waterproofing of the roof.

Today, the materials used for pointing have evolved. Our licenced tiled roof technicians use the latest in flexible tile pointing products, which have a rubberised component and come in an extensive range of colours to match the colour of your tiles. This flexible pointing is applied on either side of the ridge cap tiles, between the joins (the ridge cap joins known as collars) and can cope with the small movements of the tile ridge capping much better than the old sand and cement product.

Bedding” is like the adhesive that is used to fix your bathrooms tiles to the wall – it physically glues the ridge cap tiles to the top of the roof – locking them into place. Some roofing contractors will simply replace the pointing but not the bedding – the end result will be that the repair will fail quite quickly and will start to leak again. Our roof technicians will replace the bedding wherever possible, chipping or grinding it off so as to preserve and reuse the existing ridge cap tiles which will always outlast the bedding and pointing.

If you think there's a problem with your roof, ask us for a quote when we attend to assess or clean your gutters. Alternatively, if we identify that your ridge capping requires attention, we will bring it to your attention and provide you with a free written assessment and quote.

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